ACA - Emulation (Opt 2) (4xHDMI)

ACA - Emulation (Opt 2) (4xHDMI)

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ACA - Emulation (Opt 2) (4xHDMI)
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Product Code: QDA-ABC-ACA2

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HDMI Auxiliary Channel Analyzer (ACA) Option 2 - Passive monitoring of DDC transactions and hot plug events (includes emulation monitoring option). Monitor the HDCP and EDID transactions on the DDC and also monitor hot plug related events while the 780 is passively monitoring and HDMI system comprised of multiple devices. Requires an additional hardware module with four (4) additional HDMI ports.

The Aux Channel Analyzer test monitors the CEC and DDC channel transactions and hot plug events. You can monitor the events while emulating either an HDMI source or sink device or you can passively monitor the transactions. You can also monitor while emulating an HDMI source or sink device and passively monitoring the other side. For example you can configure the 780/780A to emulate an HDMI source device and monitor the upstream side and then you can passively monitor on the downstream side (i.e. on the source side of a repeater and the HDMI sink [HDTV])

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