AVPro 2.0 Report Software

AVPro 2.0 Report Software

AVPro 2.0 Report Sftware
Price $399.00

Product Code: SFT-AVPRO-2

The AVPro 2.0 Report Suite is designed to facilitate the fast and detailed development of a variety of calibration reporting technologies. Besides the HAA Reporting you will receive any new powerful tools designed in the future to make your system analysis and calibration business boom.

AVPro 2.0 Report Suite Now Includes 7.1.4 Atmos Elements

If you own the AVPro Report Suite you should look into upgrading to the latest 2.2.9 version. If you've already owned the AVPro the upgrade is included at no charge. The new AVPro 2.0 version will now include extra speakers to accomodate Atmos 7.1.4 installations and it also includes new templates to speed the creation of a report.

One new approach embraced by the report is a faster method of report creation using the Summary Report Tool directly. The new report allows the calibrator to enter grades, comments, and data quickly into the Summary Report Tool. You can still enter information using the checklist tool as before, but there's more flexibility and speed in entering the data using the Summary Report.

If you are new to the AVPro Audio Calibration Wizard, you can download a copy and use it in the Trial mode before buying.

  • Easy and Fast Report Writing
  • Checklist Style Analysis Reports
  • Performance Report Card Report
  • Pre-loaded explanation of elements
  • raphical depiction of each element
  • Add photos of the project into report
  • Include your recommendations
  • Before and After graphics and scoring
  • Place RTA/ETG screen shots into report
  • Sale of Reports Restricted to AV Pros
  • Compatible with most Sound Analyzers

Includes all Modules:

TurboCal:Time saving audio calibration process manager and report writer
PowerCal:Powerful audio calibration process for HAA Level II calibrators
ATLink:Integration and analysis tool for Studio Six Digitals AudioTools
SENLink:Integration and analysis tool for Sencore Audio Analyzers
Dimensional Analysis:Calculate modal frequencies and modal distribution
Screen Capture:Allows users to capture and edit computer screen to add plots & drawings Now compatible with IOS devices such as the Studio Six Tool Hardware and Software suites.

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