AVPro Edge's BAE 100 Meter Receiver with Bi-Directional Power
AVPro Edge's BAE 100 Meter Receiver with Bi-Directional Power

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AC-EX100-UHD-R2: 100 Meter HDMI Receiver via HDBaseT and includes Bi-Directional Power
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Product Code: AC-EX100-UHD-R2

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This AC-MX100-UHD-R2 is a B.A.E Receiver built with Bi-Directional Power

Compatible With:
  • AC-EX100-UHD-T ~ HDBaseT BAE Transmitter (HDMI)
  • AC-EX100WPP-UHD-T ~ HDBaseT Little Giant Wall Plate Transmitter (HDMI & VGA)
  • All HDBaseT Transmitting Devices like AVR's, Switchers, Video Wall Processors, etc... Thiis unit provides IEEE PoE Power.
The AC-EX100-UHD-R2 is our 100m HDMI 2.0(a/b) Extender via HDBaseT, this Receiver has Bi-Directional Power, RS-232, IR and Ethernet.

The B.A.E Bi-Directional Receiver's distance (100m - 1080p; 70m - UHD 4K) is unrivaled when you include the features it comes with. This receiver is designed to be a true problem solver. When the situation requires more power, distance, added Ethernet and reverse power or control, the B.A.E has it covered. Using the most powerful HDBaseT technology on the market, this product is sure be a robust long lasting part of your infrastructure.

The B.A.E features advanced functions like

  • Bi directional power - Power the transmitter from the receiver or the receiver from the transmitter, wither way only one power supply is required.
  • Ethernet Hub - The transmitter and receivers both have Ethernet ports acting as a bi directional Ethernet hub.
  • Features
    • Plug & Play – Field Firmware Update-able
    • 10.2 Gbps Video Bandwidth
    • Use single UTP/STP LAN cable (CAT-5E/6A) with substitute HDMI cable to achieve long distance transmission.
    • UTP/STP cable termination follows the standard of IEEE-568B.
    • Transmission distance reaches up to 100 meters at 1080P and 4K up to 100 meters.
    • PoE (Bi Directional) ieee certified.
    • HDMI V2.0 supported.
    • HDCP2.2 / 1.4 compliant.
    • HDR Support
    • UHD support: 4Kx2K 30Hz or 4Kx2K 60Hz YUV 4:2:0
    • LED indicators monitoring power status.
    • ESD protection circuitry (Inputs / Outputs) till 7KV.
    • Pair of mounting ears (supplied)
    • Transfer Bi-directional IR & RS-232
    • I-PASS IR Direct Connect with VPC (Voltage Protection Circuit)
    • Ethernet hub
    • Advanced EDID Management
    • Can Cascade
    Key benefits of using AC-EX100-UHD:

    1) ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION: The length of manufactured HDMI cable is unchangeable after it is made and they are unreliable after about 25FT. Additionally, HDMI connectors can only be terminated in specialized factory environment due to its extremely high frequencies and high density. This does not allow installers or users to remake or make cables on a DIY basis. CAT-5E/6A cables are available widely and can be reworked easily by the installer or end-user. Our AC-EX100-UHD supports 4K up to 70M (230FT) with crystal clear 4K Resolution.

    2) DISTANCE: By using AC-EX100-UHD, the transmission distance for HD 1080P is 100 meters (330ft) and for UHD 4K it's 70 meters (230ft).

    3) CONTROL: IR & RS-232 are bidirectional and can control the sources from the sinks or vice versa. This allows unlimited flexibility when controlling sinks, and sources. Control the rack or source and the display or sink over the same single wire.

    4) BI DIRECTIONAL POWER: Ultra stable bi directional PoE allows you to really be flexible as you can choose where you want to power. Eliminate power supplies at the rack and power the Tx remotely from the display (Rx) end.

    5) I-PASS: Plug your Control System emitter ports directly into the IR port on the transmitter (via mono 3.5mm cable) for clean and reliable IR pass through, our unique VPC (Voltage Protection Circuit) allows you to do this without wear and tear on the sensitive electronics inside.

    4K Long Range Extender Applications

    • Ultra-long distance 4K HDMI Extension (100m, 330ft on 4K). Think auditorium, large classrooms, large homes, long home runs.
    • Insert to manage a problem source or add a 4K source. This extender can be placed in a system to properly manage sources with EDID, or upgrade a source to 4K.
    • NOTE - Most extender products can only do short range on 4K, these go further than others on the market.
    • When an additional audio extraction point is needed. You can use this to pull audio off a source if the source does not offer it.
    • Extended Ethernet (internet) distribution. These connect and act as additional hubs for LAN connections. You can easily supply the local sources with reliable wired connections for internet rather than Wi-Fi. Perfect for local gaming systems, Blu-ray players, computers and more.

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