CanvasCSI with 9 Connected Devices
CanvasCSI with 9 Connected Devices

CanvasCSI for CANVAS-CSI-9P Matrix Switch
Price $7,999.00

Product Code: CANVAS-CSI-9P

A Truly Professional Control System that we set up for you.

A turn key, user friendly control system custom built for any project. Controlled through broswer on Smart Phones, Tablets or Computers.

CanvasCSI brings you the first Professional A/V Control System that is an out of the box, custom, turn key solution. With this system you are able to control up to 9 devices.

This is how it works:
  1. Purchase any matrix switch
  2. Purchase this CanvasCSI Brain unit
  3. Receive a consultation with CanvasCSI designer will then contact you
  4. Control Brain pre-programed and sent with instructions for accessing the control system via any browser.

  • Works specifically for the CANVAS-CSI-9P
  • Controls every setting and feature of the Matrix Switch
  • No Programming, we do it for you.
  • No Set Up
  • No Headache
  • After completion support
  • Can be ran from multiple IPad's at the same time
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Up to 9 connected devices control


  • Bars and Restaurants are absolutely perfect. Low downtime and robust implementation make for happy owners and repeat work.
  • In medical facilities for multiview point to point training environments
  • For classrooms with lots of displays and presenters
  • For security applications to view 4-9 HD video cameras
  • For transportation management systems for monitoring camera feeds in hi-def.
  • Large homes that want the ultimate control experience

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