EDID Auto Test for 780B and C

EDID Auto Test for 780B and C

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EDID Auto Test for 780B

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Product Code: QDA-B-EDID

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The Auto EDID Test enables you to verify that an HDMI source (or upstream HDMI network) properly handles a series of EDIDs. The test checks the incoming timing against what is expected based on the contents of the EDID such as the preferred timing. The test also verifies that the video parameters are consistent with the capabilities of the EDID that is emulated. The 780B is configured with a set of EDIDs that it will emulate on its HDMI Rx port. The EDIDs can be commercial EDIDs, test EDIDs or even known-bad EDIDs. The HDMI source is connected to the HDMI Rx port and the test is initiated. The results are presented on the embedded screen. As an option you can define a report for later viewing and dissemination to other colleagues and subject matter experts.

What you can do:

  • Specify a set of EDIDs for Testing. Specify a set of EDIDs to emulate in the 780B HDMI input port. These can be commercial EDIDs, EDIDs from Quantum Data EDID Library, custom EDIDs created using Quantum Data EDID Editor utility or known-bad "Test" EDIDs.
  • Verify Source Device Handling of EDIDs.Test verifies the incoming video type, timing, colorimetry, samplying and Video Identification Code and flags improper handling.
  • Auto EDID Test Report. A text report can be generated to allow sharing the results with colleagues or for later viewing.

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