Jeti Spectraval 1211 Broadband Spectroradiometer

Jeti Spectraval 1211 Broadband Spectroradiometer

Spectraval 1211 Broadband Spectroradiometer
Price $8,800.00

Product Code: JT-SPEC-1211

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Specbos 1211 is a miniaturized and fast broadband spectroradiometer covering the wavelength range from VIS(UV) to NIR. It can be used for various applications both in lab as well as in production. The instrument is available in a standard version for the wavelength range of 350 ... 1000 nm and in an extended UV version with 230 ... 1000 nm.
Specbos 1211 can be used with a Netbook to allow mobile applications. Such netbook with installed software can be delivered optionally. Specbos 1211 can be used for measurements in Ir-radiance mode as well as in Radiance mode with measuring diameters beginning from 4 mm. The special model can measure diameters of 3 mm, 1 mm and 0.5 mm in radiance mode.

If only one measuring mode is of interest, it can be ordered specbos 1211L (only Radiance mode) or specbos 1211E (only Irradiance mode).
- Wavelength range from VIS to NIR
- High sensitivity
- Radiance as well as Irradiance measuring modes
- Small and easy to use
- NIST traceable calibration
- Measurement also possible with DLLs or SCPI compatible commands

Additional features:
- Pass/ fail decisions
- Ranking function (up to 16 ranks)
- Saving of reference spectra
- Spectral calculations
- Data export in csv and xls files
- Switching between Si and Imperial units

- USB powered
- Very fast measurement
- Internal target spot laser (luminance measurement)
- Mechanical shutter for dark signal compensation
- Easy to install
- Start of measurement with external trigger signal

Examples for Applications are the following:
- Calibration of broadcast monitors
- Color adjustment of digital projectors
- Measurement of weighted spectra, e.g. to characterize hazardous radiation
- Measurement of fluorescence lamps
- Spectral measurements in goniometers
- Measurement of extended luminaires like OLEDs
- The instrument can be operated with the intuitive measuring software JETI LiVal for a demonversion see

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