Network Analyzer Option

Network Analyzer Option

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Network Analyzer Option
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Product Code: QDA-AB-NAO

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  • Verify HDCP on repeaters and displays. Send HDCP encrypted video content to a downstream repeater (e.g. AVR) and/or sink (e.g. DTV). Check the authentication response from the sink.
  • Check Max HDCP HDMI devices. Check the number of HDCP devices an HDMI source supports during HDCP authentication.
  • Verify video timing. Verify the timing of an HDMI source. Compare against a known-good timing.
  • Verify video type. Verify the video type of an HDMI source. View AVI infoframe content.
  • Identify EDID problems. Run verification tests on the EDID of a sink device such as an HDTV or input of a repeater device. View the entire contents of the EDID of the sink device. Run portions of the EDID compliance test. Compare two EDIDS.
  • Verify an HDMI source's response to an EDID. Emulate the EDID of any HDMI sink device to verify that an HDMI source device responds properly to it. Store and retrieve multiple EDIDs for use in testing.
  • Verify audio data. Read the audio infoframes and audio sample packet headers including channel status bits from a connected HDMI source.
  • Check for CEC devices. Poll an HDMI installation for CEC devices.

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