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QD780D Base
Price $9,980.00

Product Code: QD-780-D

Quantum Data Options

Add Network Analyzer:

Add Cable & Repeater Test:
Yes (780 C/D/D) [Add $890.00]

Add EDID Auto-Test:
Yes [Add $305.00]

Add ACA Option 1:
Yes [Add $745.00]

Add ACA Option 2:
Yes [Add $1,490.00]
Additional Test Pattern Options

Add ISF Test Patterns:
Yes [Add $299.00]

Add THX Test Patterns:
Yes [Add $139.00]

Add China Resolution Test Patterns:
Yes [Add $125.00]

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The Quantum Data 780D HDMI Protocol Analyzer / Generator is a handheld digital video generator and analyzer that enables you to run tests on various digital video devices and network distribution devices on site or in the R&D lab. The 780D instrument provides a 7 inch color touch screen for operation and for viewing status of outgoing and incoming video and audio. The 780D is equipped with HDMI, HDBaseT and component analog. Testing digital interfaces is supported by both an output port and an input port to allow testing of digital video sources, displays, audio devices and distribution devices. Testing hybrid converter devices supporting HDMI and HDBaseT distribution networks is a key application of the 780D as well.

Portable form factor. Device is handheld and portable but is not battery powered. It is powered through an AC adapter. The portability makes the instrument ideal for use in the field, on your test bench or in the R&D lab.

Video pattern testing. Test a display’s HDMI, HDBaseT and analog component inputs with all the necessary standard timings to ensure that it can render video test patterns including deep color and HDMI or HDBaseT 3D patterns. Over 25 video patterns supported. Add custom bitmaps. Create your own custom formats. Scroll bitmap patterns to test for motion artifacts.

Identify EDID problems. Run verification tests on the EDID of HDMI or HDBaseT sink devices such as an HDTV or input of a repeater device. View the entire contents of the EDID of an HDMI, or HDBaseT sink device. Run portions of the EDID compliance test. Compare two EDIDS.

Verify HDCP on display devices. Verify an HDMI or HDBaseT sink's response to HDCP authentication. Send HDCP encrypted video content to a downstream repeater (e.g. AVR) and/or sink (e.g. DTV). Check the authentication response from the sink. HDMI Tx interface supports testing of HDCP 1.4 and 2.2.

Audio testing. Send audio patterns, tones & noise through HDMI, HDBaseT, SPDIF or Optical digital audio outputs. Program audio parameters such as sampling rate, bit depth and channels. Use a variety of audio formats including LPCM, Dolby, DTS and high bit rate audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio.

Video analyzer for sources. Emulate a known-good HDMI or HDBaseT sink device to analyze digital video and audio content from a digital video source device. View the incoming video images and metadata from a digital video source device on the LCD display even when content is protected with HDMI HDCP versions 1.4 or 2.2.

Verify an HDMI or HDBaseT source’s response to an EDID. Emulate the EDID of any HDMI or HDBaseT sink device to verify that a source device responds properly to it. Store and retrieve multiple EDIDs for use in testing.

Verify video timing. Verify the timing of a digital video source device. Compare received timing against a known-good timing standard format.

Audio analyzer for sources. Emulate a known-good HDMI or HDBaseT sink device to analyze digital audio content from a digital video/audio source device. Monitor the incoming LPCM audio and view the digital audio metadata.

Installer Test Utility. Quickly diagnose HDMI and HDBaseT interoperability problems through an automated and simplified interface. Run tests upstream toward the source, downstream toward the sink or test both upstream and downstream simultaneously with the “Link” test. The utility also enables you to test on both sides of a repeater.

Protocol tests on HDMI or HDBaseT sinks. Enables you to verify proper operation of HDCP (1.4 and 2.2) authentication, EDID and CEC on HDMI and HDBaseT sinks.

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