Sencore CP3&4 (CP5000)
Sencore CP3&4 (CP5000)

Sencore CP5000
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Certified Pre Owned! (1-Year Warranty)

Video displays have rapidly become a standard fixture in our world. They are used in applications from home theaters, to video arcades, personal computers, hospital imaging displays, broadcast studios, etc. Sencore developed the CP5000 ColorPro All Display Color Analyzer System to help manufacturers, installers, and service centers accurately measure and perform white balance calibration on all types of displays.

The CP5000 All Display Color Analyzer System consists of two precision color analyzing light measurement sensors and the CP5000 ColorPro application software. This system can be used for color analysis on all types of video displays, providing fast, accurate measurements, allowing you to confidently test and calibrate these displays for proper gray scale tracking. The ColorPro III measurement sensor measures all direct view and projection displays, with the exception of LCD flat panel (direct-view) displays. The ColorPro IV measurement sensor measures LCD flat panel displays.
Your set (ColorPro 3&4) may not be the exact ones pictured, but are guaranteed to be in working order. We offer a 1-Year warranty on these units so you can purchase with confidence.

These units have all been lab tested.

1 ~ ColorPro 3 (USB)
1 ~ ColorPro 4 (USB)

**All units come with CP5000 Software and all manuals and documentation in digital form on a CD**
  • Accurately measure and perform white balance calibration on all types of direct-view and projection displays, including CRT, Plasma, DLP, LCD, D-ILA, etc.
  • Specifications traceable to NIST standards.
  • The CP5000 ColorPro application software simultaneously displays measured data in numeric format, and in 1931 CIE and Delta RGB graphs, both referenced to a desired white reference
  • Numeric display indicates 1931 xy chromaticity coordinates, Y luminance units (userselectable as either Foot Lamberts or Candela/m2 (nits)), color temperature Kelvin units, and delta chromaticity error (ΔExy).
  • The CIE Chromaticity graph, with selectable axis resolution, shows exactly how different the measured color is from the desired white reference color, and shows the direction of the color error.
  • The Delta RGB display, with individual red, green, and blue plus/minus graphs, allows you to see exactly which colors need to be adjusted to obtain a desired white reference color, and also gives you a quick visual “pass/fail” indicator of the color performance of the display under test.
  • Dark Calibration feature optimizes measurement accuracy at low light levels.
  • Selectable White Reference color target coordinates allow you to calibrate to any standard color, plus capture, save, or recall any number of custom White References.
  • The Report feature allows you to capture and save pre-calibration and post-calibration display performance data and print a display calibration report for documentation.
  • You can also track the performance of the display by using the “Record” feature, which prints single or continuous measured data to a text data file.

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